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Leading a balanced life is hard for anybody no matter what their income level. The work/life balance seems almost impossible to most people, but it is not.

After 30 years of coaching and studying successful people, your host, Steve Davis, has figured out a formula that works. The key is a second stream of income above and beyond your job. Real estate just happens to be the vehicle that Steve chose along with 70% of the millionaires in America.

Steve will take you on a journey through the ins and outs of the successful real estate investing and how it helped him achieve a balanced life and have all the time that he wanted with his wife and two children. He will show you how to build massive wealth and most importantly, passive income/cash flow. Income that comes in every month whether you go to work, or you don’t.

Steve will touch on everything from fitness to romance. From wealth to cash flow.

Some of the hundreds of discussion points:

  • Why traditional individual IRA and Employer-offered 401k plans are epic failures for the average American
  • How to gain a HUGE unfair advantage: The Self-directed 401 Trust
  • How to build semi-passive and passive income with real estate
  • How to build massive wealth in your part-time
  • How to do deals for zero-down
  • How to flip for huge profits
  • How to wholesale
  • Tax-optimized wholesaling
  • Single-family rental
  • Multifamily rental
  • Commercial rental
  • Building the life you want


  • Monday through Friday at 2 PM on AM 700, KSEV in Houston
  • Saturday at 11 AM on AM 700, KSEV in Houston
  • Saturday at 10 AM on AM 950, KPRC in Houston
  • Saturday at 11 AM on AM 1080, KRLD in DFW
  • Sunday at 10 AM on AM 1070, KNTH in Houston
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