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Build a second stream of income with real estate that replaces your job income.
Learn how and invest at Total Wealth Academy.
“It took me 25 years to save up $100,000. Using what they teach at Total Wealth Academy and the investments available there, I turned that into $1.7 million in just 10 years” Luis
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Our Mission
To teach people how to build a second stream of income with active and passive real estate investing to create a more joyful and balanced life.
Invest Like the Banks Do

For decades, the banks and insurance companies have taken your money and invested it passively in real estate. They make 15% or more on your money while they pay you little or nothing. Why real estate? Because it offers the highest returns and the lowest risk because real estate makes money in both the up and down markets.

Due to changes in the laws, you can now passively invest in real estate just like the banks and insurance companies. We can show you how.

People Are Suffering

By age 65, 95% of Americans have failed to retire and 29% are dead. Americans are suffering financially due to the failure of the formal educational system, our high schools and colleges, to teach the principles of money and wealth. It is your responsibility to educate yourself on these principles and we can help.

How We Help

We stop the suffering by educating, motivating, and encouraging others with the knowledge that the rich share with their kids that the poor and the middle class cannot. We teach people how to build a second stream of income with real estate that meets and exceeds all their wants and needs.

Through one-on-one coaching and consulting we take people by the hand, step by step, through the real estate investing process. We teach active and passive investing in single-family, self-storage, senior living, apartments, and more.

Steps to Success
Step 1
Attend The Free Sample Class
In this introductory class we share what the rich are teaching their kids that the poor and middle class cannot. We go over the 8 reasons that we chose real estate and the 15 pillars of success that lead to more happy, wealthy, and joyful lives. This class includes case studies of single-family houses and passively investing in apartments and other commercial property. This is the first step on your journey to financial independence.
Step 2
Saturday Life/Wealth Mastery Workshop
Live in Houston only
Learn how to combine all the parts of a balanced life while building a second stream of income with real estate. This is an intense 8-hour course that will forever change your life for the better. It covers wholesaling, flipping and renting single-family houses. It also covers passive investing in self-storage, apartments, commercial buildings, strip shopping centers, hotels and much more. However, people only remember about 30% of what they hear in a seminar. Upon graduation, you will then have access to the class online to watch anytime and you will enjoy the benefits of STEP 3.
Step 3
Unlimited Coaching and Question and Answer
Our members enjoy unlimited question and answer with the coaches and consultants after graduating the Saturday class. We literally walk our members step by step through the wealth-building process. Get stuck or forget something from the Saturday class? No problem. Pick up the phone or email your coach, and they will fill in the blanks and get you moving toward your goal of financial freedom. No matter how many questions you have, we will help.
Step 4
Continuing Education
Constant growth is required to lead a balanced life. The opposite is stagnation, and the result is doing the same thing over and over again, never achieving the results that you truly want. To achieve more, you must become more. Every month we add classes on both building wealth and leading a more balanced life. These are available live or online.

These four steps combine to give you the tools you need to succeed in all the parts of a balanced life. Attend our Free Sample Class to learn more.

Take The First Step
What People Are Saying
“This is where my Paradigm shift started! I can’t thank you enough Steve Davis, for sharing your greatness with me and the World”
- Steven Z.
“Steve Davis is a knowledgable and trusted mentor who's insight inspired me to acquire my first two rentals and focus on growing my passive income and creating a legacy to leave for my family.”
- Brian B.
“Steve Davis is a champion mentor and forever changed my life. Through his wisdom I was able to learn a highly effective path to building a cash flowing real estate portfolio. I will always be grateful for how he has helped me to change my family’s trajectory to real wealth.”
- Jerry D.
“Just got an offer on my first flip. Thank you for giving me the courage to do this. I am now going to do a short term air bnb. The education I received from you has been incredible. I know u are in this to make profits but helping people like me is invaluable. Profit plus helping people see other paths is priceless. Looking forward to a bright future. Like all, I only wish I would have done this 20 years ago. Thanks Steve!!!!!”
- Freddie M.
“Thanks Steve....we got into real estate because of you....started in 2008 with no clue about real estate....we now own 35 SF homes...two small apts and passives in 3 deals....look forward to working with the person. who retired us 3 years ago...”
- Chad W.
“Thanks for what you do Steve. I got into real estate because of you. I wish I would have done things differently. It stinks having regrets but all I can do is the best I can for my family going forward. Hopefully soon I can call in on your show and thank you properly from a fantastic vacation I am taking my family on!”
- Moore L.
“In my line of work and speaking with and training many in the real estate space, very few and far between have the wealth of knowledge and information to help anyone on their path to real estate wealth but one of those individuals hands down is Steve Davis!”
- Dragan T.
“I’m a big talk radio listener and on the weekends I would run across your radio show. Decided to check it out as I have always had a love of real estate. I finally decided to dip my toe in and went to the seminar. I now own 1 single family rental and part owner of a multifamily property. The future is looking bright. Thanks Steve.”
- Todd C.
Often, Later Becomes Never
Do It Now!
Live Radio Show
7 days a week

Listen and learn what the rich teach their kids that the poor and middle class cannot. Not that they don’t want to, they simply can’t because they don’t know. These are the principles of money and wealth that lead to more joyful, wealthy and fulfilling lives. Learn how to wholesale, flip and rent single-family homes and passively invest in self-storage, apartments, hotels, commercial buildings, air BnB, strip shopping centers and more.

This show is for people who simply want more out of life or are dissatisfied with the financial results they have achieved so far. Our focus is on building a second stream of income that meets and exceeds all of your wants and needs. This gives you more time for romance, fitness, travel and to just enjoy life more in general. It is the path to financial independence and peace of mind.

95% of Americans fail to retire by age 65 because they don’t know this material. Get it for yourself on the Total Wealth Academy radio show heard 7 days a week across Texas.

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